Caitlin Merrett King

Artist and Curator.
Based in Glasgow.

Curatorial Projects:
2020 - now   Group Show, Radio Show, Subcity, Glasgow (host)

2019 - now   Lunchtime, Project Space, Glasgow (director)

Group Show, Podcast
Series 2 at The NewBridge Project, Newcastle, 2019
Series 1 with 12o, London, 2017 

2016 - 2018   Thank You Very Much with Marco Giordano, Aymeric Tarrade and Mark McQueen, Glasgow

2015 - 2018   Florida with Hannah Reynolds and Isabella Widger, Glasgow

2018 - now   Coordinator, Glasgow Art Map
2015 - now   Programme Coordinator, David Dale Gallery, Glasgow 
2015 - 2017 Curatorial Intern, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art 
2014   Volunteer Coordinator, David Dale Gallery

2020-2022 MLitt Art Writing, Glasgow School of Art
2018 School of the Damned
2014 BA (Hons) Painting and Printmaking, Glasgow School of Art
2012 Exchange Programme, Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, USA
2011 Foundation in Art and Design, Chesterfield College


2020   Poetry Writing Collaboration w/ Eothen Stearn
2020   Good Press FM, Subcity Fresher’s Week  
2020   Good Press FM, Pop Mutations Festival

2019  Art Communities and Economic Survival - Panel Discussion, 12 months or a sip of water, organised by Wassili Widmer
2019   Pub Quiz, The NewBridge Project, Newcastle
2019   Unintimacy, performance and film night, co-curated and performed with Grace Denton, The NewBridge Project, Newcastle
2019 Crit-a-Öke, with Josef Shanley Jackson, Re-collections Closing Party, Site Gallery, Sheffield, curated by Tžužjj

2018 Forced Collaboration with Naomi Frears and George Harding
2018 Bye Hun!, School of the Damned end of year exhibition, The Royal Standard, Liverpool
2018 Stick of Rock Label Commission for The Offy, Liverpool, presented at The Newbridge Project, Newcastle
2018 Members Show, Bloc Projects, Sheffield
2018 Big Time Sensuality, with Florida, WASPS Hanson Street, Glasgow International
2018 A hole in the sky is open / a hole is the sky is wider / a hole in the sky is yours, Thank You Very Much in residence at Aird's Lane, The Modern Institute

2017-18 The 15 Cmdments, The Wrong (online biennial), curated by Sid and Jim
2017 A Second Tribute to JB, Spit and Sawdust, Cardiff
2017 A Tribute to JB, Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam
2017 Baby you're the boss at home, with Hannah Reynolds and Kieran Milne, Glasgow Open House Festival
2017 school is now in session, with School of the Damned, isthisit?,, curated by Helena Whittingham
2017 Limbic, Art Hub, London, curated by Cuddle Projects
2017 Picture a Garden with Florida, The Number Shop, Edinburgh
2017 Things, Suite 2/2, 6 Dixon Street, Glasgow, curated by withfc
2017 Powerful Attraction with Thank You Very Much, Crownpoint Studios, Glasgow

2016 Group Show, Glad Cafe, Glasgow
, curated by Romy Galloway
2016 Company, Summerhall, Edinburgh, curated by Florida
2016 Pivot, Common Ground Residency Exhibition, The Project Cafe, Glasgow
2016 Blind Date, in collaboration with Josef Zachary Shanley-Jackson, with Millington | Marriott, Lindsey Mendick, Uma Debray and Alfie Strong, The Royal Standard, Liverpool, curated by (It's all) Tropical,

2015 BIG TIME SENSUALITY, with Hannah Reynolds and Isabella Widger, Spares, Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun, Leeds
2015 Treat Yo' Self, with Hannah Reynolds and Isabella Widger, Bloc Projects, Sheffield, curated by (It's all) Tropical
2015 Phoenix Bursary Exhibition, Reid Building, Glasgow
2015 A Table for Oranges , Mural commission at Mono Cafe Bar, Glasgow for Merchant City Festival
2015 Everything Sensor, with Hannah Reynolds and Isabella Widger, Glasgow Project Room
2015 if, any before, with Tim Dalzell and Fran Caballero, The Telfer Gallery, Glasgow
2015 Key Lime Pie, with Hannah Reynolds, Rachel Hendry and Sonia Hufton, Glasgow Open House Arts Festival
2015 Faux Sho, Assembly House, Leeds, curated by (It's all) Tropical
2015 Bacon Scissors, Perm with Sonia Hufton, Fran Caballero, Rachel Hendry and Lydia Levett, The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow

2014 Voidoid Archive 002, with Alex Kuusik, Freya Stockford, Sonia Hufton and Felix Welch, Voidoid Archive, Glasgow, curated by Kirsty Mellon

2019 Practice Makes Practice Residency, The NewBridge Project, Newcastle
2018 TYVM @ TMI, Thank You Very Much in residence at Aird's Lane, The Modern Institute, Glasgow
2017 Spare Room Residency, Liverpool
2017 Open Corner, Market Gallery, Glasgow with Florida (Hannah Reynolds and Isabella Widger)
2017 S/S17 Curation Residency, 12ocollective
2015 Common Ground, Braemar, Scotland
Group Show 
Subcity Radio, Glasgow

Monthly, one hour radio show interviewing Glasgow-based artists and producers. Guests so far: Francis Dosoo, Moema Meade, Marcus Jack, Myriam Mouflih, Rabindranath A Bhose, Sabrina Henry, Nikki Kane.

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Recent Writing

Published [click titles to access] - - - >

    Longing for a home that has never existed, Site Programme Publication, David Dale Gallery, 2020

    Interview with Ayla Dmyterko, Young Artists in Conversation, 2020

    32, 32, MAP Magazine, 2020

    Interview with Patrick McAlindon, Journal, 2019

    Interview with Isobel Neviaszky, Young Artists in Conversation, 2019

    Pigeon Myths, Garden Programme Publication, David Dale Gallery, 2019

    If a tree falls in a forest and no one is there to Instagram it, does it really happen?, IKO/isthisit, 2018

    For and with each other, Review of 'The "Thinking Business"' at The Royal Standard, The Double Negative, 2017

Group Show Podcast
Series 1 2017 / Series 2 2019

Available on iTunes and Spotify.

Group Show is an art podcast series covering topics like work, collaboration and criticism. Series One was conceived of as part of 12o's S/S17 curatorial residency as an exploration into expanded curatorial practice. Each episode includes a mixture of interviews, sound commissions and regular features covering artist-led activity around the UK.

Series Two was produced at The NewBridge Project, Newcastle for the Practice Makes Practice residency in March 2019, and features music, sound pieces and interviews from studio and associate NBP members.


Episode 1 - Rebecca Huggan, gobscure, marginendeavour, Yael Roberts and Tamara Micner

Episode 2 - Gordon Douglas, Graeme Hopper

Episode 3 - Niomi Fairweather, Juliet Fleming, Imogen Charvill Ryall

Episode 4 - Lesley Guy + TOTALLER 

Episode 5 - Dan Russell, Sam Blackwood + Luke Garthwaite (Gaz), Holly Argent (Women Artists of the North East Library)

Episode 6 - Grace Denton, Craig Pollard and Will Edmonds on ‘Wild Pop’ 

Episode 7 - Clare Gomez, Jon Cornbill, Nick Thomas and Sophie Bates

Episode 8 - Ilana, Hannah, Helen, Lorna, Marwa and Katy on the ‘Great and Tiny War’ project by artist Bobby Baker

Episode 9 - Collective Studio @ The NewBridge Project - Kat Bevan, Zara Worth, Imogen Charvill Ryall

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Recent-ish Visual Work

Room, Big Time Sensuality, with Florida (Hannah Reynolds and Isabella Widger), WASPS Hanson Street Project Space, Glasgow Internatonal, 2018

Installation View, Big Time Sensuality, with Florida (Hannah Reynolds and Isabella Widger), WASPS Hanson Street Project Space, Glasgow Internatonal, 2018

Coffee (performance leftovers), Paris (film), Big Time Sensuality, with Florida (Hannah Reynolds and Isabella Widger), WASPS Hanson Street Project Space, Glasgow International, 2018

After Berger, Spare Room Residency, Liverpool, 2017

Flowers for Carrie, Drawings for Jamie, Spare Room Residency, Liverpool, 2017

Epicures of Sparta Bella, Picture a Garden, The Number Shop, Edinburgh with Florida (Isabella Widger and Hannah Reynolds), 2017

Inspo, school is now in session, with School of the Damned, isthisit?,, curated by Helena Kate Whittingham, 2017

Cigs for Guston, monoprint, 2016

Pergamon Bridget Jones, 2015

Ashtray, in collaboration with Christopher MacInnes, 2015